Marylee B
They are very professional, knowledgeable and careful. They keep up with tax changes and know what they are doing
Paul B
Gary is a great guy and always gets me the most on my tax return. Have been going to him for almost 10 years.
Michele P
Started with Gary when I was a childcare provider. Stayed (after I stopped providing childcare) because he has a great service, is very easy to schedule with , knows the tax code and is available any time of the year to answer questions (ie planning for children "dropping off" as deductions, 401k/IRA questions, need for additional money paid to taxes from checks when tax codes change, etc)
Marylee B
I am home childcare provider and have been going to Kanne Accounting for many years. Garry is wonderful. He does not deal in greys only blacks and whites where taxes are concerned. I never worry that my taxes have every be been wrong.